1972 Bay Mare

Granddaughter of Misty

Sire: Lightning

Dam: Stormy

Breezy's Pedigree

Breezy was Stormy's third foal and second daughter. She was the first known bay in the Misty line. Unlike her famous dam and siblings very little is known about Breezy and a picture of her has yet to be found. In a 1972 article Breezy was described as a frisky bay filly that lived with her dam in a stall next to her grandmother to brighten Misty's waning days. She was the last of Misty's grandfoals to know her as Misty died in October of that year.

Breezy is the known dam of Beebe Breeze, born in 1976, and Sea Breeze, born in 1978. Beebe Breeze was a prolific broodmare and is the reason that Breezy's line continues today. With only two recorded foals, little information to be found, and no pictures of it is assumed that Breezy died fairly young.