May 11, 1998 Chestnut Pinto Gelding

Great Grandson of Misty

Sire: Lightning of Chincoteague

Dam: Misty II

Henry's Pedigree

Henry is Misty II's last foal and ws an unexpected one at that. The Allen family did not know Misty II was pregnant and in May 1998 she surprised them with a new chestnut pinto colt. Apparently Misty II and the Allens' stallion Lightning of Chincoteague had a secret meeting since he was the only stallion on the farm at the time. The colt received the name "Henry" in honor of Marguerite Henry who passed away the previous year. His full name is Misty II's Henry to honor his mother who passed away two years later.

When he was a few months old Henry accompanied his mother and half sister Misty's Black Mist to Chincoteague for Pony Penning so visitors could see the latest addition to the Misty family. Henry welcomed many loving pats and behaved himself quite well. Henry also attended Equitana USA in Kentucky with his mother, where he stole the show with his coltish antics. He is pictured as a foal at a show in Chincoteague Ponies by Victor Gentle.

Henry grew up into a beautiful stallion. He resembles Misty II the most out of any of her foals and is a fine example of a Chincoteague Pony. Henry sired five foals. His first foal Misty's Hurricane Izzy was born in 2003 out of a black mare named Stars Black Velvet. He spent several years with Lisa Coolidge at her Cool Winds Ranch in Texas and sired most of his foals there. The first Texas born foal was a palomino pinto colt named Misty's Flash Flood. He was out of a buckskin mare named Little Beebe that used to be a member of the Chincoteague Pony Drill Team. The second was a bay pinto named Misty's High Tide, out of a dark bay pinto mare named Denim and Diamonds. Henry's fourth offspring was also out of Demin and Diamonds, and his only 2006 foal, was a chestnut pinto filly named Misty's Icy Margarita born December 15. His last offspring was a palomino pinto filly out of Little Beebe that was born in March 2007. This filly was given the special name of Misty III.

Henry went home at the Allen farm in 2007. Once at home he was gelded and was broken to ride. He made appearances at the Chincoteague Pony Centre for several years. Henry is pictured alongside other nine Misty family members in the book Horses in Living Color by Barbara Livingston. He is retired and lives amongst his family herd at Kerkaken Acres. Henry is the last living foal of Misty II and one of the last great grandfoals of Misty.

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