May 30, 1985 Chestnut Pinto Gelding

Sire: Cyclone

Dam: Windy

Hurricane's Pedigree

Hurricane was Windy's fourth colt, and was sired by his half brother Cyclone who was turned out with the Misty mares and allowed to breed with them indiscriminately. Hurricane takes after his mother in his tall and rather thin stature. He lived most of his life on the Chincoteague Miniature Pony Farm. Celina Boltinghouse was training him to become a trick horse, like Cloudy. Hurricane soon learned to stand on a stepstool, shake hands, give kisses, rear on command, and also bow. He was also broken to ride. Hurricane did live up to his name and was somewhat difficult to manage at times.

Hurricane was a stallion for several years, and was known to have sired one foal, Wings O' Mist, who was out of Beebe Breeze. He was later gelded, and was eventually sold to Mike Pryor of Pennsylvania.

Please Note: There was a feral stallion on Assateague named Hurricane, and should not be confused with the Misty descendant.

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