April 19, 2007 Black Pinto Gelding

Great Great Grandson of Misty

Sire: Cezanne

Dam: Misty's Black Mist

Irish Mist's Pedigree

Misty's Irish Mist is Black Mist's third and last foal. He is a black pinto like his mother and full sister Misty's Morning Glory. Irish spent his first summer at the Chincoteague Pony Centre entertaining the crowds with his coltish antics until he went to his new home in July 2007.

Irish was sold John and Della Rice of Massachusetts and he grew to be a handsome stallion. Articles about Irish and their other Chincoteague Ponies' arrival at the Rice's farm appeared in Provincetown Banner and Cape Cod Online. He is the sire of four foals, Misty's Thunderstorm a 2010 bay tobiano gelding out of Peaches and Cream, Misty's Black Mister a 2010 black gelding out of Star Sapphire, Misty's Black Out a 2011 black pinto gelding out of Star Sapphire, and a 2011 chestnut filly out of Peaches and Cream.

The Allen's had the opportunity to buy Irish back and he returned to the farm of his birth in 2013. He was gelded and sent to a friend of his dam's to be broken to ride. Irish took well to training and spent several subsquet summers at the Chincoteague Pony Centre performing in the show and giving pony rides. He is a a member of the Chincoteague Pony Drill Team often performing alongside his sister Misty's Morning Glory and his son Misty's Thunderstorm. During Pony Penning 2018 Irish appeared live on the Today Show on NBC alongside his son and sister.

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