1988-2012 Bay Pinto Chincoteague Pony Stallion

Lightning of Chincoteague's Pedigree

Lightning of Chincoteague was a bay pinto island born stallion who was purchaed at the 1988 pony penning auction by the Allen family. He was raised to be their foundation breeding stallion.

Lighting is the sire of 1992 chestnut pinto mare Misty's Partly Cloudy out of Misty's Wind Spirit, 1994 bay gelding Misty's Chesapeake Bay out of Misty's Black Mist, 1994 chestnut pinto mare Misty's Windswept out of Misty's Wind Spirit, 1995 chestnut pinto mare Misty's Chance of Rain out of Misty's Rainbow, 1995 bay pinto gelding Misty's Colors of the Wind out of Misty's Wind Spirit, 1997 bay gelding Misty's Moonlight out of Misty's Partly Cloudy, 1997 buckskin gelding Misty's SunBeam out of Misty's Heat Wave, 1998 bay gelding Misty's SunDancer out of Misty's Wind Spirit, His most famous offspring is 1998 chestnut gelding Misty II's Henry out of Misty II. Misty II's Henry resulted from an accidental breeding between Lightning and Misty II. Lightning was very adept at getting out and had several offspring from such "secret meetings", three with a couple of his own daughters.

Lightning was sold to Lisa Christian of Cool Winds Ranch where he has sired several foals there including 2005 bay pinto gelding Misty's Struck by Lightning and 2007 chestnut pinto mare Misty's December Frost, both accidental breedings out of his daughter Misty's Chance of Rain. He also has a couple of notable non-Misty family daughters, 2004 buckskin mare Zebe Beebe Bella who was a member of the Chincoteague Pony Drill Team and 2008 bay pinto mare The Dutchess of Lightning who trained as a reiner.

Lightning passed away at his Texas home in 2012.

Lightning of Chincoteague (2007, photo courtesy of Lisa Christian)