April 8, 2019 Bay Pinto Mare

Sire: Don Leonard Stud II

Dam: Winter Moon

Misty Moon's Pedigree

CLG Maureen's Misty Moon, or Misty Moon for short, is the first Misty descendant born into the feral herd on Assateague. She is also the first known foal of her dam Winter Moon. Misty Moon was selected to be kept in the feral herd as a buyback. She sold at the auction as a buyback for $15,000 to the Chincoteague Legacy Group, which is where the CLG part of her name comes from. Her full name was voted on by members of the group and it was selected as a tribue to Maureen Beebe who died in May of that year.

Misty Moon unforunately died on Assateague winter 2021.

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