1974-August 2000 Chestnut Pinto Mare

Granddaughter of Misty

Sire: Al-Marah Sunny Jim

Dam: Stormy

Misty II's pedigree

Misty II was Stormy's fifth foal and was sired by Al-Marah Sunny Jim, an Arabian stallion that brought to the island to help introduce new blood in the Chincoteague breed. Misty II is a full sister to Rainy, but she did not show as much Arabian influence as her sister did.

Misty II's life got off to a rocky start. When she was born, Stormy oddly enough rejected her own daughter and wanted nothing to do with her. Perhaps the strain of having five foals so close together was too much for Stormy. Misty II's half sister Windy had just had a foal as well and she soon adopted Misty II and allowed her to nurse alongside her colt Cyclone. Misty II and Cyclone formed a loving bond because of this and Misty II soon grew to be a healthy, beautiful mare. This story was fictionalized in the book A Pony Promise by Lois Szymanski.

Misty II spent 13 years on the Chincoteague Pony Miniature Farm. The Pictorial Life Story of Misty it stated that Misty II was very flighty and spooky. Evidently she grew out of this behavior when she got older. Like the other Misty family mares Misty II was a broodmare. She had her first foal at four years old in 1978. A chestnut filly named Gusty that was sired by Mugwah. Misty II's second known foal was a filly named Lightning that was likely sired by her brother Thunder. In 1984 Misty II gave birth to a filly named Gentle Breeze, however Thunder II might be her 1984 foal as there was a mix-up after the foals were weaned.

The Misty family ponies were becoming inbred in the mid to late 1980's and unfortunately a number of foals born on the farm were born with defects. Misty II had a flashy chestnut pinto filly by name of Zephyr in 1986 who reportedly died the following winter. The following year, Misty II had another pinto filly, but she was born with very badly contracted tendons and couldn't even stand to nurse. Celina Boltinghouse bottle-fed the filly, who was unofficially dubbed Virga, but the filly did not live for very long. Both fillies were sired by her nephew Cyclone.

The next chapter of Misty II's life started when Keith and Kendy Allen and their family visited Chincoteague for Pony Penning 1987. They had just read Misty's life story and wandered over to the Chincoteague Miniature Pony Farm to visit the Misty family ponies. They fell in love with Misty II and were shocked when Paul Merritt said he would sell her. Paul was getting older and was ready to retire so he had started selling off the ponies. Overjoyed, the Allens took Misty II back to their home in Manheim, Pennsylvania.

The Allens gentled and trained Misty II under saddle. They found her to be a very sweet and intelligent mare, never bucking in the training process. The hardest thing to do was to have her accept a bit but pancake syrup soon solved that problem. Misty II attended horse shows, and proved to be a great show pony, winning in both Western and English events. Misty II also learned to stand on a stepstool like her famous grandmother and to shake hands. She was very affectionate with adults and children alike. Her favorite treat was fruit flavored Life Savers.

Misty II was bred to a black pinto Chincoteague stallion named Rebel in 1988 and the following year gave birth to Misty's Black Mist. Black Mist was the first black pinto born in the Misty line since Misty's mother Phantom. The palomino fillies Misty's May Day Twister was born in 1991 and Misty's Heat Wave was born in 1992. Both fillies were sired by Misty's Sunpiper another Misty descendant, but not closely related to Misty II. Misty II surprised the Allens by producing a chestnut pinto colt in the spring of 1998. The colt was named Misty II's Henry in honor of Marguerite Henry. He was a result of a secret meeting between Misty II and the Allens' stallion Lightning of Chincoteague.

Misty II and the Allens traveled to tell the story of Misty to a variety of places. Misty II took on the roll of the goodwill ambassador in honor of her grandmother, and readily greeted her admirers. She went to schools, libraries, prestigious horse shows, and other events. In 1996 in honor of the 50th year of the publication of Misty of Chincoteague, Misty II and her daughters Black Mist and Twister had models made in their likenesses by Breyer Model Horses. The trio also attended Breyerfest the same year as honored guests and met many fans. Also in 1996 Misty II visited Marguerite Henry's and Misty's former home Mole Meadow in Wayne, Illinois. Misty II was also part of the Chincoteague Pony Drill Team. She became almost as famous as her mother Stormy.

Misty II was on hand for the opening of the Chincoteague Pony Centre, a rebirth of the old Pony Farm where Misty family ponies could live once more on the island. Misty II stayed there for the summers; performing in the pony shows and meeting visitors. After the death of her sisters Misty II was the last living grandfoal of Misty.

Sadly in 2000 Misty II was diagnosed with cancer. She continued on with her life for a few months like a happy pony, but in August the life of this extraordinary mare was spent. The Allens had her buried at the Chincoteague Pony Centre where her headstone can still be viewed by the public. Kendy Allen is working on a book she hopes to one day publish that tells the story of her special pet and friend.

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