March 9, 2007 Palomino Pinto Mare

Great Great Granddaughter of Misty

Sire: Misty II's Henry

Dam: Little Beebe

Misty III's Pedigree

Misty III is a beautiful palomino pinto filly with a map of the US in the pinto markings on her side. She carries on the tradition of her great great grandmother Misty and her grandmother Misty II in having a map of the US. She is also a palomino pinto like the original Misty. After her birth there was much discussion about her markings and it was decided to christen her the next Misty.

Misty III was bred by Lisa Christian of Cool Winds Ranch in Texas and is a full sister to Misty's Flash Flood. In July 2007 she traveled from her home in Texas to the eastern shore of Virginia. Misty III made her first public appearances during Pony Penning 2007 at the Chincoteague Pony Centre. She had a children's book A Chincoteague Pony Named Misty III written about her. Misty III is pictured alongside nine other Misty family members, including her sire, in the book Horses in Living Color by Barbara Livingston.

Misty III is already following in the footsteps of her famous ancestors, stepping on the stepstool and exhibiting the wonderful loving personality of the Chincoteague Pony. She spent many summers at the Chincoteague Pony Centre. For several years Misty III has stood in for her namesake at Misty's birthday party on Chincoteague. She also makes apperances with the Chincoteague Pony Drill Team. Misty III lives at Kerkaken Acres and can usually be found alongside her best friend Misty's September Stardust.

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