July 9, 1998-May 14, 2009 Black Pinto Stallion

Great Grandson of Misty

Sire: Windjammer

Dam: Windy

Nightmist's Pedigree

Nightmist was a black pinto stallion and was the eighth and last foal of Windy. He was the result of a breeding when Windy's stallion grandson Windjammer was allowed to share Windy's pasture. Windy became pregnant and in 1998 she foaled her last foal. Windy was 29 years old at the time of Nightmist's birth. The strain of giving birth proved too much for the elderly mare and she died shortly after he was born.

Nightmist was owned by Mike Pryor of Pennsylvania who owned Windy and several other Misty descendants. Nightmist thrived and became a fine stallion. He made his first appearance on Chincoteague during Pony Penning 2000 and did so for a number of years. A birthday celebration also was held, several times at Beebe Ranch, reminiscent of the birthday parties that his great grandmother had.

Nightmist has been in several types of media. He has been in a couple of paintings by Nancy Hogan Armour of Chincoteague. A model made after his likeness was created by the Peter Stone Company in a limited run of 100. Jessie-Ann Friend wrote a children's book about the pony titled Nightmist: The Miracle Pony. Lois Szymanski also wrote a children's book about him named Nightmist, The Blue-Eyed Pony. A made for TV movie was filmed in 2019.

Nightmist was primarily used as a stallion and sired a number of foals. He was the sire of Cyclone II, Kathleen's Sierra Mist, Minstrels Stormy Weather, Misty's Rainstorm, Misty's Shadows, Nightmist Legend, WH Nightwind, Nightmist's Little Angel, Nightmist's Rainy Day, Paul Merritt's Mountain Mist, Pepsi, Phantom Mist, Seamist, Sharon's Tsunami Mist, Sierra Mist, Stormy Mist, Summers Nightmist, and several other foals.

Nightmist died on May 14, 2009 after a bout with colic.

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