1973 Chestnut Mare

Sire: Al-Marah Sunny Jim

Dam: Stormy

Rainy's Pedigree

Rainy was Stormy's fourth and only solid colored foal. Her sire, Al-Marah Sunny Jim, was an Arabian stallion that was brought to the island to introduce new blood in the Chincoteague breed. He also sired Rainy's sister Misty II.

Unlike her older siblings, Rainy was born on the Chincoteague Pony Farm which was owned by Paul Merritt. In the Pictorial Life Story of Misty Marguerite wrote that Rainy was one of the most beautiful members of Misty's family and was intelligent enough to work from voice commands instead of restraints. Her sire influenced her Arabian-like appearance, which continued in Rainy's line.

Rainy proved to be a quality broodmare. Her first foal was a bay filly named Raindrop foaled in 1978 and who was sired by Mugwah. The following year she gave birth to look alike filly who was named Rainbow. In 1984 Rainy had her first son who was aptly named Rainy's Boy whom also greatly resembled his dam.

Shortly after Rainy's Boy was born, Rainy was sold to a lady who lived in Maryland. There she had her only pinto colored offspring a filly Sunflower in 1985 who sired by her nephew Cyclone. Rainy rested for a few years and then had her last foal, a chestnut colt sired by Stormcloud that was named Chilly Rainstorm in 1993.

The rest of Rainy's life is rather vague. Mike Pryor bought her from the Maryland owner along with her last two foals and took her to his farm in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, Rainy did not live much longer after her arrival. She is rumored to be the dam of Night Storm, however there is no verification of this and it may be have instead been her granddaughter Rain Cloud.

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