September 19, 2007 Palomino Pinto Mare

Sire: Cezanne

Dam: Misty's Heat Wave

September Stardust's Pedigree

In September 2007 Misty's Heat Wave surprised everyone with her unexpected and premature delivery of her fourth foal, a palomino pinto filly. Mare and foal spent a week at the local veterinary hospital where the filly received excellent care. The little filly gained her strength so that she would be able to stand and nurse on her own. September Stardust's full name was a collaborative effort from members of the Chincoteague Pony Centre. She is called Ember for short. Ember is shorter than her mother and siblings due to her premature birth.

September Stardust spent many summers at the Chincoteague Pony Centre. She can usually to be found with her best friend Misty III. She has been trained to perform a number of tricks. Ember has her own book titled Ember's Story: The Misty Miracle Pony by Kendy Allen. Ember is pictured alongside her dam and nine other Misty family members in the book Horses in Living Color by Barbara Livingston.

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