July 1986 Chestnut Stallion

Sire: Thunder

Dam: Beebe Breeze

Stormcloud's Pedigree

Stormcloud was Beebe Breeze's first son and a chestnut much like his sister Whirlwind. He was born on the Chincoteague Miniature Pony Farm and was named by Celina Boltinghouse who owned him while she and her mother ran the Pony Farm for a few years. Stormcloud was one of Thunder's last foals as he died that year.

Stormcloud became the new breeding stallion at the Pony Farm and while he was there, he sired Cirrus Cloud a chestnut gelding out of Misty's Rainbow, Drizzle a chestnut pinto colt out of Foggy Mist, and Stormy Mist a chestnut pinto filly also out of Foggy Mist.

When the Pony Farm closed Celina took Stormcloud with her as well as Snowstorm a palomino Chincoteague mare that Celina had acquired while still on the Pony Farm. They were bred and produced chestnut gelding Desert Storm in 1991 and palomino gelding Snowcloud in 1992. Later Stormcloud was leased by a woman in Maryland who owned Misty family ponies and there he sired chestnut gelding Chilly Rainstorm out of Rainy in 1993 and a buckskin filly named Dusty Sandstorm in 1996.

Celina and Stormcloud moved to Missouri where Stormcloud bred a grade mare named Mindy which produced his last known offspring Thundercloud in 1998. Stormcloud was very good around children and allowed Celina's son and daughter to ride him without qualm. The man who was leasing Stormcloud at the time sold the stallion when Celina couldn't find another place to keep him. Stormcloud vanished into obscurity.

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