May 22, 1988 Palomino Gelding

Great Great Grandson of Misty

Sire: Cyclone

Dam: Beebe Breeze

Sunpiper's Pedigree

Misty's Sunpiper is Beebe Breeze's fourth foal, a beautiful palomino gelding. He was born on the Chincoteague Miniature Pony Farm and was named by Celina Boltinghouse. She had intended to name him "Storm Piper" to bring the "piper" name back into the Misty family but due to his bright golden color Celina decided to call him "Sunpiper". He lived on the Pony Farm for the first year of his life and shared a close friendship with one of his cousins Misty's Wind Spirit.

In 1989 Sunpiper and Wind Spirit were sold as yearlings to Kendy Allen of Manheim, Pennsylvania. Sunpiper continued to grow into a fine pony. When he was four years old Kendy bred him to Misty II, who later produced a filly named Misty's May Day Twister who resembled her father in color. Sunpiper and Misty II were bred again a year later and produced another palomino filly named Misty's Heat Wave. Shortly after that Sunpiper was gelded.

Sunpiper was trained by the Allens and turned out to be a wonderful jumper and dressage pony. He was later sold to Anita Kokoszka in Connecticut. She took him to many dressage tests and the crowds were amazed at his remarkable talent. Anita and Sunpiper competed up to the fourth level of dressage together.

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