1984-September 14, 2015 Palomino Gelding

Great Great Great Grandson of Misty

Sire: Thunder

Dam: Beebe Breeze

Thunder II's Pedigree

Thunder II was a palomino gelding who born on the Chincoteague Miniature Pony Farm. There is some dispute as to who his real dam is. It was said he was out of Misty II and formerly named "Salty Mist" as shown on the Misty family tree in the Pictorial Life Story of Misty. Others say he is out of Beebe Breeze as he shares her palomino coloring and body type. Misty's Sunpiper and Thunder II do look very similar to one another and for this reason we list Thunder II as a son of Beebe Breeze.

Thunder II lived on the Pony Farm for the first few years of his life. He was going to take over being the farm breeding sire when Thunder got too old. He was also going to be given to Paul Merritt's granddaughter as a gift, but she wasn't interested in him as a riding mount. In 1988 Thunder II was sold to Mike Pryor of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. Thunder II had been a stallion at the time and shortly after, Mike had him gelded so he would be easier to handle around crowds. Thunder II had no offspring. He learned a few tricks including drinking coke out of a can and standing on a stool.

Thunder II traveled to various schools and fairs including Pony Penning. He was pictured in the book Windy of Chincoteague by Ronald Keiper. Thunder II passed away September 14, 2015 at the ripe old age of 31 after a bout with cancer.

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