May 9, 1994 Black Chincoteague Pony Mare

Stars Black Velvet's Pedigree

Stars Black Velvet, nicknamed Tonka, a solid black mare with a thin blaze. She was born on Assateague, participated in the pony swim, and was sold at the auction. Tonka was trained under saddle and could be seen at the Chincoteague Pony Centre, performing in the pony shows as well as spending time in the paddock.

She produced her first foal and only Misty family pony, Misty's Hurricane Izzy in 2003, who was sired by Misty II's Henry. Tonka was sold in 2005 to a family in Kentucky while in foal to Cezanne and foaled a black colt, Moose Encounter. She later made her way back to Virginia and is now a riding pony and for a time lived at Beebe Ranch.

Misty's Hurricane Izzy and Stars Black Velvet