1994 Brown Pinto Chincoteague Pony Stallion

Tuffer Than Leather's Pedigree

Tuffer Than Leather, Tuffy for short, was bred by the Burton family on Chincoteague. He has had multiple owners thoughout his life and has sired many foals. Tuffy was owned by the Allen's for several years and sired 2009 black pinto colt Misty's Smoke N Mist out of Misty's Desert Sun, 2010 black pinto gelding Misty's Midnight Tempest out of Misty's Hurricane Izzy, 2010 chestnut filly Misty's Firestorm out of Misty's Partly Cloudy, 2010 sooty palomino mare Misty's Twist O' Mist out of Misty's MayDay Twister, and 2011 sooty palomino gelding Misty's Frosty Mist out of Misty's Icicle.

Tuffy was the herd sire for the Leonard Chincoteague Pony Farm on Chincoteague from 2003 to 2008. A 2006 daughter, Baybe, was donated to the CVFC by the Leonard's in 2013 and is a feral mare on Assateague. Baybe has three daughters that have been kept in the feral herd. A 2007 daughter, Peaches and Cream, was bred to Misty's Irish Mist and produced 2010 bay pinto gelding Misty's Thunderstorm.

Tuffy is retired at Hawkeye Stables in Maryland.