1955/1956 Chestnut Pinto Chincoteague Pony Stallion

Wings's Pedigree

Wings is the sire of all three of Misty's foals; Phantom Wings, Wisp O' Mist, and Stormy. He was born in Glenwood, Maryland and was bred by Pete Ellingsworth. The Ellingsworth family went to Pony Penning in 1953 or 1954 and came home with a bay pinto Chincoteague they named Dinah. She had a map of South American on her rump near her tail. Pete Ellingsworth arranged for Dinah to bred to a Chincoteague stallion and the resulting foal was Wings. Wings was sold and sometime later the family found out about his connection to Misty. They visited Beebe Ranch and got to see Misty perform her tricks of standing on a stool and "counting".

Wings was described in his daughter's book Stormy, Misty's Foal as a chestnut pinto with a pinto marking in the shape of wings. Indeed he does in a foal photo contribued to Misty's Heaven. His son Phantom Wings also had this marking.

Very special thanks to Libby Hedstrom, formerly Ellingsworth, for sharing Wings's story.

Wings with his dam Dinah, photo courtesy of Libby Hedstrom