April 8, 1978 Mare

Great Granddaughter of Misty

Sire: Arabian stallion

Dam: Windy

Gale's Pedigree

Gale is Windy's third foal and was born on the Chincoteague Pony Farm in 1978. She is Windy's only solid colored offspring and was sired by an Arabian stallion. Gale was listed on the family tree in The Pictorial Life Story of Misty by Marguerite Henry. She was advertised for sale on a 1978 Pony Farm flyer.

Gale was purchased as a weanling by the Vanderveer family of Freehold, New Jersey. Cathy Vanderveer, now Cathy Sills, trained Gale as a hunter jumper and competed in several shows. In 1990 Gale was sold to a family whose daughter used her as a barrel racing horse, however, Gale did not prove to be a successful mount and became rather temperamental when it came to the sport. She was sold back to Cathy, who worked with her and got her back to her normal self. Cathy then found a home for her with a couple living in Pennsylvania. They trained Gale for long distance trail riding which she clearly enjoyed. She was ridden on rides that were anywhere from fifteen to forty miles in length.