The ponies listed here are all the descendants of Misty of Chincoteague that Misty's Heaven is aware of and has documentation on. All ponies are linked to individual pages with information, pedigree, and most pages are linked to picture albums. Ponies are listed under their closest relation to Misty as some ponies decend from her more than once. Descendants past great great great great grandfoals are not listed but can found in the Chincoteague Pony Pedigree Database.

There are a number of ponies we have very little information on at this time. There is a gap in the records from 1979 to 1984, when the information on foals was lost somewhere between the updated publications of the Pictorial Life Story of Misty that we are trying to complete. If you have information on any Misty family please contact us!

Foals of Misty

Phantom Wings-1960 palomino pinto stallion

Wisp O' Mist-1961 chestnut mare

Stormy-1962 chestnut pinto mare

Grandfoals of Misty

Offspring of Phantom Wings

Cloudy-1964 palomino gelding

Offspring of Wisp O' Mist

Sandpiper-1965 or earlier chestnut pinto gelding

Offspring of Stormy

Thunder-1967 palomino pinto stallion

Windy-1969 chestnut pinto mare

Breezy-1972 chestnut pinto mare

Rainy-1973 dark chestnut mare

Misty II-1974 chestnut pinto mare

Foggy Mist-1978 chestnut pinto mare

Great Grandfoals of Misty

Offspring of Thunder

Stormcloud-1986 chestnut stallion

Thunder II-1984 palomino gelding

Offspring of Windy

Sunshine-1973 chestnut pinto mare

Cyclone-1974 chestnut pinto stallion

Gale-1978 mare

Hurricane-1985 chestnut pinto gelding

Tornado-1987 chestnut pinto colt

Wind Storm-1988 chestnut pinto mare

Nightmist-1998 black pinto stallion

Offspring of Breezy

Beebe Breeze-1976 palomino pinto mare

Sea Breeze-1978 chestnut mare

Offspring of Rainy

Raindrop-1978 bay filly

Misty's Rainbow-1979 dark chestnut mare

Rainy's Boy-1984 dark chestnut gelding

Sunflower-1985 chestnut pinto mare

Chilly Rainstorm-1993 chestnut gelding

Offspring of Misty II

Gusty-1978 chestnut filly

Gentle Breeze-1984 chestnut mare

Zephyr-1986 chestnut pinto filly

Virga-1987 chestnut pinto filly

Misty's Black Mist-1989 black pinto mare

Misty's May Day Twister-1991 palomino mare

Misty's Heat Wave-1992 palomino mare

Misty II's Henry-1998 chestnut pinto gelding

Offspring of Foggy Mist

Storm Cloud-1981 chestnut pinto colt

Foggy-1984 chestnut pinto colt

Gentle Mist-1985 filly

Blue Skies-1986 chestnut pinto colt

Misty's Wind Spirit-1988 chestnut pinto mare

Drizzle-1990 chestnut pinto colt

Stormy Mist-1991 chestnut pinto filly

Great Great Grandfoals of Misty

Offspring of Stormcloud

Desert Storm-1991 chestnut gelding

Snowcloud-1992 palomino gelding

Dusty Sandstorm-1996 buckskin mare

Thundercloud-1998 chestnut gelding

Offspring of Sunshine

Cloudburst-1976 buckskin colt

Misty's Twilight-1978 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Dawn-1984 solid colored mare

Misty's Sunset-1985 filly

Offspring of Cyclone

Chemina Mist-1990 bay pinto mare

Windjammer-1991 black pinto stallion

"Junior"-1992 black pinto colt

Offspring of Nightmist

Sea Foam-2002 buckskin pinto mare

Nightmist's Little Angel-2003 bay pinto mare

Nightmist's Rainy Day-2004 bay pinto mare

Misty's Shadows-2005 palomino pinto mare

Summers Nightmist-2005 black pinto stallion

Kathleen's Sierra Mist-2006 black pinto mare

Misty's Rainstorm-2006 chestnut pinto gelding

Sierra Mist-2007 chestnut pinto mare

Unnamed-2007 black pinto colt

Cyclone II-2008 bay pinto stallion

Paul Merritt's Mountain Mist-2008 bay pinto gelding

Stormy Mist-2008 bay pinto mare

Mistrals Stormy Weather-2009 chestnut pinto gelding

Sharon's Tsunami Mist -2009 chestnut pinto mare

WH Nightwind-black pinto stallion

Offspring of Beebe Breeze

Whirlwind-1985 chestnut mare

Misty's Sunpiper-1988 palomino gelding

Wings O' Mist-1990 palomino pinto stallion

Offspring of Misty's Rainbow

Dewy-1985 chestnut pinto mare

Sunny-1987 chestnut mare

Rain Cloud-1988 chestnut mare

Misty's Cirrus Cloud-1992 dark chestnut gelding

Misty's Chance of Rain-1995 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Raindrop-1999 bay mare

Offspring of Sunflower

Sand Piper II-2000 palomino pinto stallion

Pryor's Sea Breeze-2001 chestnut pinto mare

Seamist-2004 black pinto mare

Phantom Mist-2005 chestnut pinto mare

Unnamed-2007 chestnut pinto filly

Phantom Rain-2010 chestnut pinto colt

Offspring of Gentle Breeze

Nightmist Legend-2002 black pinto stallion

Pepsi-2003 bay pinto stallion

Starry Night-2009 bay pinto gelding

Offspring of Misty's Black Mist

Misty's Chesapeake Bay-1994 bay gelding

Misty's Morning Glory-2001 black pinto mare

Misty's Irish Mist-2007 black pinto gelding

Offspring of Misty's Heat Wave

Misty's Sun Beam-1997 buckskin gelding

Misty's Scorcher-1999 chestnut gelding

Misty's Icicle-2006 cremello mare

Misty's September Stardust-2007 palomino pinto mare

Offspring of Misty's May Day Twister

Misty's Heart of the Storm-2005 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Sunfire-2007 palomino gelding

Misty's Twist O' Mist-2010 palomino mare

Misty's Stormy Eclipse-2012 chestnut stallion

Offspring of Misty II's Henry

Misty's Hurricane Izzy-2003 bay pinto mare

Misty's Flash Flood-2005 palomino pinto stallion

Misty's High Tide-2005 bay pinto gelding

Misty's Icy Margarita-2006 chestnut pinto mare

Misty III-2007 palomino pinto mare

Offspring of Misty's Wind Spirit

Misty's Partly Cloudy-1992 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Windswept-1994 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Colors of the Wind-1995 bay pinto gelding

Misty's SunDancer-1998 bay gelding

Great Great Great Grandfoals of Misty

Offspring of Misty's Twilight

Misty's Twister-1984 pinto mare

Misty's Mirage-1985 mare

Marguerite's Misty Morning-1994 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Moon Shadow-1999 chestnut pinto mare

Offspring of Windjammer

Night Storm-1997 black pinto stallion

Offspring of Seamist

Unnamed-2008 palomino pinto filly

Unnamed-2009 black pinto filly

Chet-2010 chestnut pinto colt

Knightmist-2011 black pinto stallion

Stormy Rain-2014 chestnut pinto gelding

Offspring of Nightmist's Little Angel

Angel's Stormy Drizzle-2016 black pinto filly

Offspring of Misty's Shadows

Unnamed-2014 bay filly

Offspring of Misty's Rainstorm

Misty's Ice Princess-2010 black pinto mare

Misty's Island Dusk-2010 black pinto colt

Misty's Summer Rainstorm-2010 bay pinto stallion

Misty's Mid-Knight Blizzard-2011 black pinto colt

Misty's Dreaming of Chincoteague-2011 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Absolute Zero-2012 black pinto mare

Misty's Lightning Flash-2013 black pinto mare

Misty's Ice Storm-2014 chestnut pinto stallion

Offspring of Sierra Mist

Misty's Night Rain-2011 black pinto mare

Night Thunder-2016 black pinto gelding

Unnamed-2018 chestnut pinto filly

Offspring of Cyclone II

Firefly Mist-2011 black pinto stallion

Moontide Mist-2011 bay pinto gelding

Winter Moon-2012 bay pinto mare

Misty's Dash for Freedom-2013 bay pinto gelding

Hart's Skip for Joy-2013 bay pinto gelding

Hart's Dancing Jubilee-2015 bay pinto gelding

Offspring of Stormy Mist

Misty's Tornado Warning-2011 bay pinto gelding

Misty's Perfect Storm-2012 chestnut pinto gelding

Offspring of WH Nightwind

WH Windy's Beach Boy-2015 black pinto stallion

Thunder-2014 bay pinto gelding

WH Royal-2014 buckskin pinto gelding

WH Summer Breeze-2015 bay pinto mare

WH Clear Blue Sky-2016 smoky black pinto colt

WH Night Rain-2017 black pinto mare

WH Wildfire-2013 chestnut pinto mare

WH Summer Shandy-black pinto mare

WH Sun Dance-palomino pinto mare

Offspring of Rain Cloud

Unnamed-1990 palomino pinto

Stormy II-1993 palomino pinto mare

Sea Storm-2001 chestnut pinto mare

Offspring of Misty's Chance of Rain

Misty's Struck By Lightning-2005 bay pinto gelding

Misty's December Frost-2007 chestnut mare

Offspring of Misty's Raindrop

Misty's Storm Chaser-2004 black pinto mare

Misty's Snowdrop-2006 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Thunderbolt-2008 chestnut pinto gelding

Offspring of Sand Piper II

Blu Mist-2010 chestnut pinto gelding

Misty's Catastrophic Storm-2013 palomino pinto

Pipers Autumn Sunshine-2013 palomino filly

Sea Breeze-chestnut pinto mare

Offspring of Pryor's Sea Breeze

Trailblazer-2010 chestnut pinto gelding

Pryor's Island Breeze-2011 bay mare

Offspring of Nightmist Legend

Misty's Lunar Corona-2011 black pinto colt

Misty's Crown Prince-2011 bay pinto gelding

Misty's Relative Humidity-2011 chestnut pinto colt

Misty's Stormy Bay-2011 bay mare

Misty's Legend of Atlantis-2012 bay mare

Unnamed-2013 chestnut pinto filly

Offspring of Pepsi

Unnamed-2011 black pinto filly

Offspring of Misty's Morning Glory

Misty's Morning Sunrise-2005 black pinto gelding

Misty's Red Dawn-2011 chestnut mare

Offspring of Misty's Irish Mist

Misty's Black Mister-2010 black pinto gelding

Misty's Thunderstorm-2010 bay pinto gelding

Unnamed-2011 chestnut filly

Misty's Black Out-2011 black pinto gelding

Offspring of Misty's Icicle

Misty's Frosty Mist-2011 palomino gelding

Misty's Audra Rain-2018 smokey black pinto filly

Offspring of Misty's Hurricane Izzy

Misty's White Out-2008 chestnut pinto gelding

Misty's Midnight Tempest-2010 black pinto gelding

Misty's Eye of the Hurricane-2015 bay pinto mare

Offspring of Misty's Flash Flood

Misty's Flashy Claire-2012 bay pinto mare

Offspring of Misty's Partly Cloudy

Misty's Moonlight-1997 bay gelding

Misty's Desert Sun-1999 chestnut mare

Misty's Red Cloud-2005 chestnut pinto stallion

Misty's Riptide-2008 chestnut stallion

Misty's Firestorm-2010 chestnut filly

Misty's Summer Breeze-2012 chestnut pinto mare

Offspring of Misty's Sun Dancer

Misty Moon Dancer-2001 smoky black pinto mare

Ms Teague-2002 bay mare

Great Great Great Great Grandfoals of Misty

Offspring of Night Storm

Unnamed-2014 black pinto filly

Offspring of WH Sun Dance

WH Surf and Sun-2017 chestnut mare

Offspring of WH Clear Blue Sky

Honeymooon-2019 perlino pinto filly

Offspring of WH Wildfire

Unnamed-2019 chestnut pinto colt

Offspring of Winter Moon

Unnamed-2019 bay pinto filly

Offspring of Stormy II

Misty's March Flurries-2011 chestnut pinto mare

Reagan's Morning Mist-2012 black pinto mare

Offspring of Sea Storm

Odemay-2011 chestnut pinto filly

Offspring of Misty's Snowdrop

Misty's Dewdrop-2010 chestnut mare

Offspring of Misty's Desert Sun

Misty's Cloudbursts-2004 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Dust Storm-2006 chestnut gelding

Misty's Moonshine-2007 chestnut pinto mare

Misty's Smoke N Mist-2009 black pinto colt

Offspring of Misty's Red Cloud

Duke-2011 chestnut pinto colt

Dutchess-2011 bay filly

Offspring of Misty's Riptide

Island Princess-2011 chestnut pinto mare

Offspring of Misty Moon Dancer

Hendrick's Shadow Dancer-2005 black pinto gelding

Misty's Midnight Moon-2007 black mare

Misty's Lunar Eclipse-2010 smoky black pinto gelding

Offspring of Ms Teague

Unnamed-2014 black pinto filly

Unnamed-2015 bay pinto colt

Offspring of Stormy Rain

Coco-2018 bay pinto colt

Offspring of Misty's Absolute Zero

Unnamed-2018 smokey black pinto colt

Offspring of Misty's Lightning Flash

Unnamed-2018 smokey black pinto filly

Offspring of Misty's Ice Storm

Misty's Frosty Miracle-2017 chestnut pinto filly

Magic-2017 chestnut pinto colt

Unnamed-2017 buckskin pinto filly

Digi-2017 chestnut pinto colt

Misty's Icey Tides-2018 black pinto filly

Unnamed-2019 palomino pinto filly

Offspring of Misty's Summer Rainstorm

Captain Chips Ahoy-2018 chestnut pinto colt

Unnamed-2018 palomino pinto filly

Misty's Spring Rainstorm-2019 chestnut pinto filly

Misty's Heavenly Delight-2019 buckskin pinto filly

Offspring of Knightmist

Mid Summer's Knight-2017 chestnut pinto filly

A group of Misty family on the Chincoteague Miniature Pony Farm in 1986. Left to Right: Stormy, Foggy Mist, Hurricane, Beebe Breeze, Misty II, Rainbow, Windy.