August 28, 1984-June 23rd, 2011 Chestnut Gelding

Great Grandson of Misty

Sire: Cyclone or Thunder

Dam: Rainy

Rainy's Boy's Pedigree

Rainy's Boy was Rainy's fourth known foal and first son. He inherited his dam's dark chestnut coat and is almost a carbon copy of his older sister Rainbow in color, markings, and body. Rainy's Boy was either a son of his uncle Thunder or his cousin Cyclone. His Arabian ancestry was most evident when he ran with his tail flagging. Rainy's Boy was gelded at age four and afterwords was often turned out with his grandmother Stormy. He was born on the Pony Farm and lived there most of his life.

Like many of Misty's family, Rainy's Boy was trained to perform tricks, including drinking out of a can. His favorite drinks are Coke and beer, and would come running in pasture at the sound of a can being opened. Rainy's Boy was also broken to ride. On several occasions he escaped from the Pony Farm to go visit a Chincoteague Pony kept at a nearby hotel.

Rainy's Boy has the notoriety of being the last pony to reside at the Chincoteague Miniature Pony Farm. In 1998 only he and Wings O Mist were living on the Pony Farm, but by 2001 he was living there alone. He was a favorite of the Merritts and so they kept him.

Rainy's Boy was given as a wedding present to Rebecca Stevens of Virginia by Helen Merritt. He went to live with Becky on her farm not far from Chincoteague. Becky had been friends with Rainy's Boy for many years. Mrs. Merritt had received an offer to buy Rainy's Boy but turned it down and gave him to Becky instead.

A book written by Jessi-Ann Friend about Rainy's Boy called The Forgotten Pony was released in summer 2007. He and Becky made appearances on Chincoteague during Pony Penning week 2007 promoting his book. One of the places they appeared was Pony Penning Enterprises, next to where the Pony Farm once stood and where Rainy's Boy lived most of his life. He made appearances on Chincoteague during Pony Penning 2008 and 2010 with Becky and Jessi promoting his book.

Rainy's Boy passed away after a bout with colic on June 23rd, 2011.

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