1989 Palomino Chincoteague Pony Mare

Written by Celina Boltinghouse, Snowstorm's former owner

When I was looking for a filly as a future mate to my colt Stormcloud: Great-Great-Grandson of Misty, I was unable to attend the Pony Penning auction myself due to work obligations (A day off for the auction? You have got to be kidding!). So I took some pictures of a few fillies (pintos all) I really liked and asked a friend to bid on them for me. I definitely had good taste; all the fillies went out of my price range! So I didn't get an auction foal. A girl who had been coming around the farm and helping with the horses while visiting for Pony Penning came by after the auction with some news of her own. She had won the raffle pony! The foal was a pretty little cream coloured filly. The girl did not have either a place to keep the filly nor a way to get her home to Pennsylvania, and asked if I would like to buy her. So, I bought her and told the girl she could have first rights to buy a foal of hers for the same price I paid. I named the filly Snowstorm.

When Snowstorm was just a yearling, I was alerted by a friend that the owner of the farm she was at was trying to sell off all the ponies on the farm and had listed my pair among the ones for sale. I already had plans to move them to a friend's field, but it was not ready just yet. When he was told of the situation, he put up a quick fence and told me to bring them on over. Unfortunately, this meant there was only one field that they would be in together and, while I was dealing with my newborn daughter, they bred. Their first foal was a chestnut colt I named Desert Storm, after the Gulf War, and sold back to the girl who had won Snowstorm in the raffle.

As I had my young daughter keeping me busy and no longer lived on Chincoteague, I leased Stormcloud to a friend in exchange for her use of him as a stud and boarded Snowstorm, first in Virginia, then later in Mississippi when I moved there. While in Mississippi, Snowstorm proved that she had been bred again, and produced a cream coloured colt that I named Snowcloud, to reflect both of his parents' names. Not long after Snowcloud was born, I had a son of my own and moved to Missouri. This time, the financial strain was too great and both mare and colt were sold.

Snowstorm as a foal (photo courtesy of Celina Boltinghouse)

Snowstorm and Desert Storm (photo courtesy of Celina Boltinghouse)

Snowstorm and Snowcloud (photo courtesy of Celina Boltinghouse)