June 26, 2012 Chestnut Stallion

Great Great Grandson of Misty

Sire: Cezanne

Dam: Misty's May Day Twister

Stormy Eclipse's Pedigree

Misty's Stormy Eclipse, Clipper for short, is the last foal of Misty's May Day Twister and of his sire Cezanne. The eclipse part of his name comes from the top of his blaze where it resembles a partial eclipse. The stormy part comes from his great grandmother Stormy. Clipper was sold as a foal to the Kelly family of Misty's Heritage Chincoteague Ponies in Hendersonville, Tennessee. He grew to be a beautiful stallion who greatly resembles his dam, but in red. Clipper is a gentle stallion and he passes his wonderful temperament on to his foals.

Clipper sired eight foals in Tennessee. Clipper's first foal is Misty's Tsunami Surf was born summer of 2017 and out of Crack O' Dawn. He is a red chestnut colt like his sire, but with a gorgeous flaxen mane & tail. Clipper's second foal was born in 2018, Misty's Dancing Firefly, a chestnut filly out of American Girl. He sired three chestnut fillies in 2019, Misty's Luna Mist out of Crack O' Dawn, Misty's Ocean Pearl out of American Girl, and half Tennessee Walking Horse Misty's Echo. Clipper sired four foals in 2020, chestnut colt Misty's American Hero out of American Girl, dark chestnut filly Misty's Morning Dawn out of Crack O' Dawn, half Quarter Horse palomino filly I Raise a Hallelujah, and another half Quarter Horse filly. His last crop in Tennessee were two colts, Misty's American Tribute out of American Girl, and Misty's Turn of the Tide out of Crack O' Dawn.

In December 2020 Clipper returned to his birth herd with the Allen's at Kerkaken Acres in Bloxom, Virginia. Travling with him was his daughter Misty's Luna Mist.

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