March 11, 2000-2014 Palomino Pinto Stallion

Great Great Grandson of Misty

Sire: Wings O' Mist

Dam: Sunflower

Sand Piper II's Pedigree

Sand Piper II was a palomino pinto stallion much like his sire Wings O' Mist. He is the first known foal of Sunflower. He was born and raised in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania and was owned by Mike Pryor. His sire was known as Sand Piper on that farm and there was already a Sandpiper in Misty's family so thus he was named Sand Piper II.

Sand Piper II was used as a breeding stallion. He is the known sire of a 2008 palomino pinto filly out of Seamist, a 2009 black pinto filly out of Seamist, 2010 chestnut pinto gelding Piper's Blu Mountain Mist, 2013 palomino mare Piper's Autumn Sunshine, 2013 palomino pinto Misty's Catastrophic Storm, and half Chincoteague Sea Breeze. He likely sired other foals.

Sand Piper II passed away in 2014.

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