1991 Black Pinto Stallion

Great Great Grandson of Misty

Sire: Cyclone

Dam: TripleAction Penny

Windjammer's Pedigree

Windjammer was a black pinto son of Cyclone owned by Mike Pryor. His mother was a black pinto Paint Horse mare on the farm at the time. TripleAction Penny is also the dam of Chemina Mist and a colt that was nicknamed Junior". Windjammer was named through a naming contest during Pony Penning 1991 that was advertised in the local paper.

Windjammer was used as a stallion. He is the known sire of Night Storm and Nightmist. It is likely he sired more foals. Nightmist is a result of when he was pastured with his grandmother Windy as a companion to the old mare and ended up breeding with her. Windjammer died several years after Nightmist was born.

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