1998 Bay Gelding

Sire: Lightning of Chincoteague

Dam: Misty's Wind Spirit

SunDancer's Pedigree

Misty's SunDancer was Misty's Wind Spirit's last foal and her only solid colored offspring. He was born on the Allens' farm in Pennsylvania and lived there for the first couple months of his life. Luanne Stone came to the farm, interested in Misty family ponies, and she purchased Wind Spirit and SunDancer and took them to her home in Arkansas.

SunDancer, or "Dancer" as Luanne calls him, grew into a fine bay stallion. He bred with a buckskin pinto mare named Sweet Breeze of Chincoteague and in 2001 his first offspring Misty Moon Dancer was born. The following year Sweet Breeze had another filly, this time a solid bay much like her father. This filly was dubbed Raindrop. After she was born Dancer was gelded so that he would be more manageable since he was exhibiting stallion like behavior. Now a gelding, he is much more loving and easier to work around.

Dancer is still with Luanne as a loving pet. She would like to turn him into a dressage pony as he has great potential, but for now he gets tender loving care from his "mom".

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