May 12, 1978 Chestnut Pinto Mare

Granddaughter of Misty

Sire: Mugwah

Dam: Stormy

Foggy Mist's Pedigree

Foggy Mist was Stormy's last foal. She was a result of an accidental breeding between Stormy and Mugwah. Foggy Mist was a beautifully marked pinto mare but was extremely flighty. She could be inclined to bite and was generally nervous around a lot of people. Celina Boltinghouse, who worked at the Pony Farm, eventually got her to accept people and trained her to stand on a stepstool, shake hands, and the mare would even give kisses if she liked the person enough. She was close to her dam and they were often stabled next to each other. When she was older she reportedly would help Stormy try to keep the stallions from breeding the mares.

Foggy Mist was never trained to be ridden however she was an excellent broodmare. Her first known foal was a chestnut pinto colt named Storm Cloud born in 1981. Her second foal was a pinto colt named Foggy born in 1984. A year later Foggy Mist's first daughter Gentle Mist made her appearance. Little is known about these first foals of hers which were probably sold to various owners. Chestnut pinto filly Misty's Wind Spirit was born in 1989. Wind Spirit is the reason Foggy Mist's line continues on today as Wind Spirit was her only foal known to live into adulthood and produce offspring. The following year a chestnut pinto colt named Drizzle was born.

When Drizzle was a few months old he and Foggy Mist were sold along with Rainy to a new owner and went to live in Maryland. There Foggy Mist had her last foal Stormy Mist in 1991. Some time later Foggy Mist collapsed in the field and died of unknown causes.

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